About Us

The Center For Authentic PLCs has one mission in mind: to help schools implement, develop, and sustain authentic PLCs.

Our primary focus for doing this is to train teacher leaders who facilitate PLCs in their schools, equipping them with the knowledge of what authentic PLCs are, what they should be collaborating about, and how that collaboration should happen so that these PLCs are truly impactful in terms of how many and how much kids learn.

Additionally, we focus on equipping these PLC coaches with the skillset to lead these authentic PLCs, navigating through the tricky waters of interpersonal team dynamics.

Our flagship, go-to training is our popular, intensive three-day Grapple Institute, where teacher leaders learn the “what, why, and how” of facilitating authentic PLCs.

In addition, we offer on-site follow-up support to schools whose PLC coaches have received our training so that issues that arise in coaching authentic PLCs can be addressed and obstacles can be overcome.