Host a Grapple™ Institute

Train More Teachers for Less!

The best way we know to build capacity in a school is to train as many teachers/teacher leaders to be coaches as possible. The more teachers who are trained, the more folks are on board with this important work and can support PLCs even if they are not designated PLC coaches this year. Things change and it helps to have as many people trained and ready to coach an authentic PLC as possible. It also really helps the designated coach to have such an ally in her PLC. Many schools with whom we work have started to have trained co-coaches/co-facilitators in every PLC. This is a tremendously effective way to guarantee the success of the PLC (and ease the burden of the original PLC Coach by not having to be perfect or shoulder all the responsibility for leading the team).

Hosting a Grapple™ Institute is the best way to train larger numbers of teachers to be PLC facilitators.  And it’s cost effective.  The cost/person to the hosting school is considerably lower than the cost/person for teachers attending from other schools AND for each full-price registrant attending from schools/district outside the hosting school/district, the hosting school/district receives $200 ($150/person for 2-day Grapples).  This can reduce costs to the hosting school/district substantially.   For more information see Grapple Institutes / Content & Costs.

The responsibility of the Hosting school is to provide the space for the 3-day (or 2-day) Institute, provide standard AV equipment and wi-fi, copies of the Grapple Packet of handouts, and help getting the word out by promoting the Institute. That’s it. There are no other costs or responsibilities associated with hosting.

If you would like to host a Grapple Institute next summer or during the 2017 – 2018 school year, please contact Daniel R. Venables at or by calling 803 / 206-3578.