Thank you for your interest in our work.  To date, we have helped many dozens of schools develop and implement authentic PLCs and helped hundreds of teachers to lead those PLCs.  Most of our work is on-site with schools/districts interested in our services, though we have also provided some initial training and follow-ups to trainings on-line, through webex or skype or google hangouts.  This turns out to be a good way to follow-up with schools we’ve visited on-site and help them troubleshoot any obstacles they may be experiencing.

Personalized Learning & Practice
We are committed to providing leadership trainings to teachers (and administrators) who would lead PLCs in their schools that are highly interactive and give participants multiple opportunities to practice the new skill sets and knowledge they are learning.  This is, in part, what makes our trainings different than the host of others out there.  In fact, because of our insistence on personalized learning and practice, we rarely accept any work in which the number of participants exceeds 75 – 100.  Most of our trainings are for 30 – 50 people.  We are aware that we could earn more revenue by having trainings for 500 people, but we don’t do this because we fear we would lose this vital personalize learning and practice component.  The quality of our trainings show and the results to improving student learning are all but guaranteed.

Our flagship professional development trainings are our series of Grapple™ Institutes.  Currently, we offer four:  Grapple™ One Institute, Grapple™ Two Institute, Grapple™ Data Institute (3-day), and  Grapple™ Data Institute (2-day).  Please see Grapple™ Institutes / Content & Costs for detailed information of these four.


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In addition to our Grapple™ Institutes, We are frequently asked to provide single days of professional development.  These can range quite a bit in content (and cost); anything from addressing a whole faculty in the what-why-how of Authentic PLCs, to observing a school’s PLCs in action and providing feedback, to keynoting or offering a session at an educational conference.  Sometimes we are asked to give a webinar on authentic PLCs or on my Data Action Model  for reviewing and responding to data.   If the request stands to make a difference to schools, teachers, and kids, I will generally accept the work.  For schools or districts on a tight budget, I offer them the same quality professional development provided by one of our Grapple-Certified consultants.

For more information, please email me at or call me at 803 / 206-3578.

Thank you again for your interest in our work.


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Daniel R. Venables